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Looking For Shipping Sperm Internationally?

personal courier service? shipping frozen embryos internationally?

you are In the right place!

We at babysteps make the distances people encounter smaller and bridge the gaps of the unreachable into

small steps, so a new life can sprout up and begin its own journey of baby steps.

babysteps’s flagship service is what makes us unique as your chosen carrier. A personal courier means that from the moment your shipment item is placed in our custody…

Babysteps Couriers & Gavriel Labs have joint hands and created a new service. Mobile Lab Service around the world! We are proud to present our new services around the world. 

In addition to babysteps operations on the local / domestic level, Babysteps specializes in international reproductive / fertility-related specimen transfer services.

babysteps’s Couriers Biomed offers a special service for directing your specimen to appropriate storage facilities at a variety of  locations worldwide. Annual  volume of freezing…

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