About Us

Who we are?

Babysteps couriers was founded by a team of science and logistics personnel who recognized the need and demand for personal, humane and professional service in transferring biological specimens to and from locations around the world.

Although Babysteps couriers global operations are based in New York, satellite offices and service representatives are present in Europe, North America, Australia  and the Middle East.
Every specimen transfer is planned and mapped out by a member of the logistics team in conjunction with an embryologist who is involved with all details and at all levels of the shipment’s scientific aspects.

Our vision

The people at Babysteps couriers have a simple yet fundamental vision.

Babysteps couriers was formed to ease the stresses and simplify the process of transferring your most precious biological specimen. Whether transferring embryos, ova, sperm or any other specimen, Babysteps couriers team will do it humanely as well as professionally.

As we are well aware of the hardships patients are made to endure during their procedures, we hope and trust that our services ease the experience down to minimal stress.

Why us?

Treatment of your shipping needs are handled by experienced  professionals  in their respective fields familiar to all steps and protocols of the process. our staff include embryologists and andrologists as well as seasoned travel planners.

Above else, Babysteps couriers personnel have the past experience  beyond facilitating and planning stages.  Personal courier shipping is carried out by our people. Outsourcing our service is not our method of personal care.

Care for the specimen / shipment matter begins the moment Babysteps couriers steps in to provide the client the shipping solutions needed. On a practical level, this occurs way before the commencement of actual shipping and rather begins from the moment a client-merchant relationship is established between Babysteps couriers and yourself. Potential clients can rest assured that the utmost care, safety, security  and sensitivity unique to your case will be applied.

What makes Babysteps couriers unique is the personal nature of service. An assigned dedicated courier physically  remains  with the specimen at all times – from the moment of pick up to the final point of delivery into the custody of client choice.

Our Team

Aharon Peretz​

Founder & owner of Babysteps Couriers (formerly known as Babysteps couriers).

Aharon is a world-renowned embryologist who specializes in the Male fertility.

Aharon founded his company when he saw the need for real expertise in the shipment of specimens worldwide.

Babysteps Couriers has been around for many years and has shipped thousands of specimens worldwide.

Ilana Ginat

Executive Manager.

Ilana is known for her organizational skills & management.

She will be there for Babysteps clients every step of the way making sure each request is handled from beginning to end.

Ilana is constantly busy creating connections around the world to help create more families and will always make sure to give everyone the best service no matter where they are on the globe.

Menachem Weinberg

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Menachem oversees all couriers around the world.

As soon as we finalize a shipment Menachem creates the best route for the shipment & he makes sure to have one of our couriers assigned to the mission.
Menachem is in contact with the couriers during the whole duration of the shipment making sure everything is on time and as scheduled.

Elyakim Peretz

Head of social media.

Elyakim oversees all the social media aspects of Babysteps.

Making sure everything is updated so that our potential clients will learn what we are all about every baby step of the way.

David Grauover

Our dedicated courier who has been around the globe more than once.

He will get the job done no matter what it takes

and will do it with extra care.

Rest assured that you are in good hands!

Tzurit Eliassian

Embryologist and courier.

Embryologist and courier that has shipped many specimens around the world while making sure everything is done in the best way to transfer the specimens safely.

You are definitely in good hands!

David Peretz

Our dedicated courier who has been in many countries shipping specimens and making dreams come true.

David is always on time and eager to get the job done in the best possible way

Zareth Cristina Ricaurte Mosquera

Head of Customs Department in South America, Africa & more.

Our dedicated customs broker who takes care of each shipment in her region, makes sure that everything goes by smoothly.

Zareth is on call day or night and gets the job done through her multiple contacts around the world.

You can be sure that you are in great hands!

Nurit Bar

Head of customs in Israel.

Nurit takes care of every shipment that arrives in Israel,

Making sure everything goes by quick & smooth so that the shipments can arrive safely at the clinics in Israel.

We are glad to have Nurit on our team.

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