Shipping Of IVF&Biological Specimens

Specimen transfer services.

In addition to Babysteps couriers operations on the local / domestic level, Babysteps couriers specializes in international reproductive / fertility-related specimen transfer services. These services include – but are not limited  to – the transfer of frozen embryos, sperm, eggs (oocytes, ova) as well as ovarian and testicular tissue biopsies.

Transporting biological matter across national borders is a complex logistical task that demands smooth interaction  between all components and steps throughout the entire process. Successful transfer & delivery of your shipment to its final destination is therefore extremely dependant on following a well thought-out pre-planned program.

Skillful handling

Complexity of task withstanding, Babysteps couriers personnel maintain their skillful handling of your delicate specimens, and are sure to treat them with utmost care in order to cause their successful delivery to the destination of your choice and needs.

Babysteps couriers shapes each unique transfer program in tandem with and according to the import / export and shipping laws & regulations regarding biological matter. Compliance with the laws of the originating  and destination countries – as well as other jurisdictions that may occur between them is pivotal in the way Babysteps couriers works. Hence, documentation – medical, custodial releases and other paperwork – pertinent to transfers must be fully prepared – in concert with the client – in advance of commencement of an impending shipment.

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