Personal courier service

A personal courier

Babysteps couriers flagship service is what makes us unique as your chosen carrier. A personal courier means that from the moment your shipment item is placed in our custody, it remains with an assigned dedicated human courier for the duration of transit until delivery at its final destination. Whether your treasured items are shipped via air, rail, automobile or a combination of carriers, your shipment will still remain in the courier’s company at close proximity within the passenger cabin.

Babysteps couriers are vetted extensively for their dependability and integrity. Couriers must also present proof of travel experience and acumen for dealing with government officials in a calm and dignified manner.

How it works?

Safety & Security

Babysteps couriers concern for safety & security is THE  top-most issue considered at all stages of their charged task. The people at Babysteps couriers therefore invest their utmost efforts to ensure that the entire transfer process – from initial planning through delivery – of biological specimens be carried out safely, securely, smoothly and successfully. Babysteps couriers’s staff are confident  that their employment of the highest standards serves best the client’s purposes as well as their peace of mind

DEWARs – LN2 Shippers

Transporting frozen biological matter in the scientifically customary deep freeze state is a task that is extremely sensitive to environmental and other conditions. For example, unchecked exposure of a specimen to the wrong temperatures can result in damaging specimen quality – and even its total destruction – for future use.

An important component of our overall safety measures are the shipping equipment assigned for transferring  your specific shipment’s needs. These specialized shippers, referred to as DEWARs, are filled with Liquid Nitrogen (LN2).  LN2 gets absorbed into the container’s walls which causes the container’s  temperature to reach the ideal freezing condition of  -196c.

Our equipment is therefore inspected for maximum effectiveness and durability prior to each shipping endeavor. Integral inspection includes container hardware and checking the effects of the LN2 within the container to ensure  temperature continues to remain at ideal level  for as many as 7-14 days beyond anticipated time of delivery at destination.

Monitored delivery

At babysteps couriers shipments, it is possible to attach a ‘Logger’ device to the liquid nitrogen container.

A ‘Logger’ is a special device with GPS that allows tracking the location, temperature, and other data of the container with the courier throughout the entire journey.

From picking up the sample from the clinic, during the flight itself, and finally until it reaches the clinic to which the sample is transferred with the courier.

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