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Depends on the type and quality of container. Babysteps couriers supplies our clients and courier staff with containers that keep the desired temperatures from 7 to 21 days without the need to be refilled.

Andron uses special containers that adsorb the liquid nitrogen to its walls (absorbs the LN into its walls). The liquid nitrogen therefore stays trapped in the container longer before it can dissipate.

Liquid nitrogen is neither toxic nor is it dangerous to the surroundings as gas. However, since temperatures of liquid nitrogen can reach minus 200 centigrade degrees, one should be very careful when handling deeply frozen objects to avoid severe frost bite.

Vitrification is a progressive method to freeze embryos or ova. The process includes draining of the embryo or ovum of its liquid matter and replacing it with a preserving agent. The specimen is then rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen reaching approximately -200 centigrade degrees. Survival of embryos frozen by this method are very high and reach to over 90%.

Sure! Andron has representatives who are expert professionals in the field embryology as well as logistics experts who’s task it is to facilitate smooth shipment of your embryos. Please send us a message via email

Transportation of frozen embryos etc is safe and secure and there are no known issues with this method of shipping. However, consideration must be given the very slight amount of specimens that do not survive even when stored unmoved under ideal laboratory conditions.

Specimens are preserved and stored at -196 centigrade. Note that when specimens are transferred and shipped from point to point, the temperature in the container is -150 degrees. This is because clinics preserve specimens by immersing them in liquid nitrogen whereas in the shipping container, it is stored in LN vapors to safeguard their condition.

Yes. The people at Andron have considerable experience transferring and shipping to many countries around the globe.

Andron handles all customs and declarations with your help by filling out specific forms and furnishing appropriate documents.

A questionnaire is furnished our shipping clients to fill in all needed detailed information.
Andron will specifically need to know the condition of the specimen being shipped.
Included among the practical questions are requests for information about the pick-up as well as the drop off clinics.

Many things. Professional people all through the shipping process, personal dedicated service, and the safety and security of the embryos above all.

Yes. Andron’s policy is to attach loggers that monitor the temperature at all times during the container’s transportation. Our courier is alerted upon any changes in temperature within the container. A report / graph of temperatures for the entire duration is available following delivery of shipment.

No. Rays can damage the biological specimen. Andron’s couriers and agents receive special permits to avoid x-ray machines to be passed through security points unharmed.

The simple answer surprisingly is, YES!
However, such an undertaking demands the use and knowledge to operate a highly specialized LN charged dry shipper “tank” for transporting their specimen. Much experience along every step of the shipping process is a must. In addition, International and air transportation regulations, permits and documents must also be met, prepared and coordinated. Clinics try their best to secure proper shipping protocol before releasing biological matter and do not generally recommend self shipping and transporting.

Indeed, yes. Babysteps couriers does provide such service as long as the product / specimen is “small” and cold refrigeration of any temperature and continuous observation needs to be maintained. All specimens and biological products transported by Babysteps couriers are in compliance with, and meet the laws of the departing and destination jurisdiction.

Andron follows industry standards with an International Shipping Agreement to provide protection for the embryo while it is in route to its destination, without providing additional insurance. This agreement outlines potential risks involved with the transport and requires your signature before the transport of the embryo can begin.

Andron’s qualified personnel have been trained for the collection and delivery of embryos to ensure efficient transport. Unnecessary border delays are rare and most delays can be avoided entirely, as our dedicated couriers can quickly and easily change to another flight if the situation requires it.

Once documentation between the storage facility/clinic sending the samples and the recipient facility has been exchanged and validated, the planning and execution of the transfer usually takes no more than 1-3 weeks .

Yes, such consent is usually required by the sending and/or receiving clinic prior to making the delivery. Please contact both clinics before scheduling actual transport to ascertain which information is required in advance.

Fees cover staff time and overheads and are based on extensive experience.  Additional shipping fees are charged based on the destination of the samples and on the level of documentation required to satisfy regulations, permissions, and individual clinic requests.  Andron will calculate the additional fees, such as for obtaining statutory declarations, ahead of shipping.

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