Specimen Storage

directing your specimen to appropriate storage facilities

Babysteps couriers  offers a special service for directing your specimen to appropriate storage facilities at a variety of  locations worldwide. Annual  volume of freezing and storing biological specimens  continues to rise at an incredible rate. Any person can choose the optimum storage location for their needs, security or convenience purposes, or for financial considerations.

If you are uncertain as to where to store your biological specimen (this includes eggs, embryos, sperm, testicular tissue, ovarian tissue or any other frozen biological specimen), do not hesitate to turn to Babysteps couriers today. our staff will direct you to the appropriate storage location that meets your needs. We will take care of the entire bureaucratic process – including shipment – so that ideal storage conditions of your specimen can be met and achieved in the most optimal way.

Who in essence needs to store frozen IVF related and other biological specimens?

A wide-ranging variety of people have such a need. A common example is when  you have become pregnant after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment and have secured additional frozen embryos – which are then temporarily stored –  at your medical center’s  IVF department or specialized IVF clinic.  You may be one of those many  people who  therefore want to secure and save for future use those frozen embryos in order to have another child. Or, you may desire long-term storage of other biological specimens, such as sperm or frozen testicular or ovarian tissue for future use as well.

Fertility treatment departments and clinics charge astronomical fees for specimen storage where long-term storage fees can amount to greater sums of money than truly necessary. This is one of the primary reasons many people shop around and seek advice as to where to transfer their precious specimens for long-term storage.

If you have decided to transfer your specimens for long-term storage, Babysteps couriers will make sure that the process will be carried out in the most efficient and secure way with utmost care and safety.

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