Biomed Shipping

Biomed Shipping - Keep your most precious safe

Some things are so precious, they have to be handled with the utmost precaution. Such are biomed materials, which are valuable in several aspects. First, these specimens were taken with extent effort; second, the process of taking these specimens involved large financial and sometimes emotional resources; third, biomed material generally involves very delicate and vulnerable matter, which can be damaged quite easily unless treated accurately.

That is why biomed shipping is a service you cannot compromise. If there ever was a service worth investing in – the shipping of biomed materials is it. With the right service, you will know your cold chain is secure throughout the way, no matter how long it is, or how many stations it has to go through.

Personal service from A to Z

Biomed transfer is a delicate task, which should be conducted by experts in the field of biomed materials. It includes transfer services of sperms, frozen embryos, ivf, testicular or ovarian tissues, biopsies, etc. The transport service is adjusted to cold chain conditions, so that the specimens could be maintained in accurate lab conditions all along the mobile path. The logistics is handled personally, from your doorstep to the end of the chain.

Plan every step of the way

A high quality shipping service of your most precious specimens must be handled with thought and pre planning. Every step of the way must be considered in advance, to avoid any mistakes. In the field of biomed transport, even the smallest mistake could be crucial. That is why a distinguished shipping service leaves no room for mistakes.

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