Can mistakes happen? How to ensure that the right specimen is delivered

The worst case scenario for fertility treatments at clinics around the world is the possibility of unintentionally utilizing the wrong sperm or embryo, ending up with a fertilized embryo or a pregnancy from a different patient’s sperm or embryo. This possibility should be taken into account during the treatment itself, with every cryopreserved sample carrying proper identification and being handled by highly experienced personnel according to a detailed protocol. Clinics receive certification to conduct IVF treatments only after their work practices are verified by the appropriate health authorities. This leads to having a very low rate of errors during treatments. 

The same level of care should be applied to shipping of biological samples. The samples must be authenticated both at the beginning of the journey and at the location receiving the sample, and must be accompanied by paperwork that proves its identity. Babysteps takes the same careful approach to its delivery service, whether you are using the personal courier service, the shipping services or the storage service. Babysteps personnel will make sure the identity of the samples is maintained with the correct identifying measures, starting from when the samples are taken/received by Babysteps personnel until the samples are provided to their intended location to be used in fertilization treatments.

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