cost of transporting frozen embryos

Think of how much logistics is invested when ordering commodity on line. When you order an electric product, for example, like a television screen or a computer, you want to make sure the delivery is handled properly and with care. You want to make sure that the product is brought to you safe and sound. Well, if you care about the wellbeing of your refrigerator, wouldn’t you give extra care for the wellbeing of your future child?

You have invested so much to get this far: an embryo of your own. So many physical, emotional and economical resources were invested for the chance to have a child of your own. Do not risk it all at the final stretch: you need a delivery service that specializes in the shipment of biomed material and frozen embryos. A shipment service that specializes in human logistics, and personal care. transporting frozen embryos internationally is a delicate and complex mission, and you need the best service by your side.

Personal courier – personal care  

The best way for transporting frozen embryos is by a personal courier. A dedicated professional courier that is keeping close care of your embryo – from your doorstep to the last station. A person that is present near your precious package at every stage of the way. That is human logistics at its best. The courier will make sure that your valuable material is safe from harm, cared for, and storaged in appropriate conditions all through the way.

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