Double the Surprise

Miracles have occurred at the very hands of our staff at Babysteps. We have lots of couples turning to us to provide them the professional assistance they need for the fertility process to be complete,and various stories and cases have come by us.

One amazing story starts with a man who was diagnosed with a treacherous cancer.The doctors urged him to freeze his sperm before the disease developed further, and destroyed his chance at conceiving in the future.The man did so , and bravely fought his illness while getting treatment in New York. Eventually, he returned to full health,and found a partner with which he hoped to raise a family with. After twenty one years of being cryopreserved , a member of our personnel helped ship the frozen sperm from New York to his homeland. There , a fertilization procedure was done and thus the woman’s belly became quickly swollen with pregnancy.

The really joyous news came when she gave birth to a beautiful set of newborn twins , one boy and one girl. The couple enveloped the medical staff with gratitude for enabling the miraculous birth , and their special case was widely known among the employees of the ward.

This goes to show how the idea of cryopreserving fertility and the ability to mobilize it, is meaningful and can make all the difference between non conceiving, and having a child – or even two


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