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The Devastations of an Unwanted Pregnancy

As most people take for granted that their future entails falling in love and getting married, in the same way, they presume they will, one day, want children. Society teaches women conceiving is their duty as well as their right, and many consider the idea exhilarating, if life altering and challenging. Yet, no matter the living circumstances, even as a married couple and at the “right” age, having an unwanted pregnancy can be a devastating experience.

In the past women had limited options if they became pregnant by accident. As abortions are and have always been difficult, not to mention ethically controversial, they have always been considered the last resort, if they were even available. In religious societies, women had to be granted permission for termination of pregnancy and even for using birth control, from rabbis and clergymen, and if married, many times were refused. Oftentimes, birth control was unavailable and the result was an unhappy pregnancy leaving women with children they could not afford, could not love or just plain too many children to care for.

A Breakthrough Solution

Thankfully, these days, women have a lot more say about their bodies and their choices. Even more incredible, an interesting option offered by scientific progress lets women have the best of both worlds. The groundbreaking idea is turning an unwanted pregnancy into frozen embryos. This relatively simple idea means that through embryo storage a woman can postpone having the baby, to a better-suited time while not having to go through the heartache and guilt-inducing process of terminating the pregnancy.

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