Andron offers the opportunity to rent or short-term lease equipment for your personal use. Rental agreements are based  on daily, weekly and monthly rates.

If you choose to transfer or short-term store your biological specimens on your own, Andron will furnish you with a properly charged and filled ready-to-use cryogenic DEWAR (storage / travel vessel) to fit your needs.  

In addition, Andron can provide precision data loggers that continuously monitor and record the temperature level within the cryogenic equipment for the duration of shipping and storage. The collected data will then be transferred to you where you can view, download and have it printed.

Please note that the cold state of all shipper and storage units are time-limited. Depending on the length of storage time, you may need to refill and recharge the vessel to further cryogenic effectiveness.


All of Andron’s shippers & storage equipment as well as our data loggers are routinely tested for effectiveness and are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

Note: this service offer is valid for personal use by private clients only.

However, leasing for business purposes can be met as well by contacting Andron for further details.

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