From the Diary of a Medical Courier

Every time I arrive at a receiving clinic, bank and medical facility and confidently deliver the precious biological matter (sperm, embryos, oocytes or reproductive tissue) that was entrusted to me for transportation, is a defining moment of great satisfaction. This great feeling repeats itself no matter how many times I have done this job. It was for this moment that all was done in advance by babystep’s staff to secure the smooth and safe transportation process.

 And I know about all the workings behind the scenes to arrive at that moment. I know of the individual responsibilities and efforts of the technical, logistical and medical personnel who toiled  and cooperated at every minor and major point and step of planning to facilitate the specimen’s safe and wholesome unscathed arrival at its destination.

I also take pride in my part of the process. I managed to secure the physical safety of the specimens by preventing and avoiding irradiation at government crossing points. I presented customs officials with all necessary documentation and worked with various officials along the way and succeeded at it. It was also I who monitored and kept the specimens near me throughout the journey and not leaving anything to chance.

And then there is cherry-on-the-top of feelings. All of the occurrences leading to the good feelings of accomplishment are dwarfed when receiving notice from the client for whom all the effort was extended.  Imagine the joy when they deliver the news that a healthy baby was born and their dream was fulfilled. While I may be simply getting payed for doing my job, there’s no reward like knowing how much I have made the lives of others happier.

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