frozen courier service

Your cold chain is in safe hands

In the 21st century, technology allows us to ship and deliver almost anything, from plastic dolls – to delicate cells and biological materials. And what is more precious than the package that holds your biological reproductive process? Biomed material can be transferred nowadays internationally, worldwide, in the utmost rigorous conditions.

With a high standard frozen courier service, you too can be sure that your specimens, IVF or embryos are safe throughout the whole process. Our service is not just a shipment service. It is a personal service handled by one particular person, a professional that transmit the package from station to station with the utmost care. Our professional couriers are highly experienced in the field of international delicate shipments, and know how to handle with the authorities and with government officials.

Preserving your cold chain

Biological material is not like any other shipping material. It must be preserved in special conditions and strict temperature. Your personal courier will make sure that your biological matter is preserved in the optimal conditions, in a state of constant deep freeze, which includes the use of liquid nitrogen. Our equipment is of high quality and is fit for long distance shipments, and overseas deliveries. Remember – a good shipment service includes high logistical level, and acute planning of the cold chain. In a delicate field like the field of frozen embryos and biological specimens, there is no room for mistakes, because each mistake could have irreversible consequences. That is why you want your package to be in the best hands possible.

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