The world as we know it today has gone through some extreme changes.
Globalization by definition means: “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”. This turns the world into our local market, as countless pieces of merchandise and services are made available at a swipe of a finger. The far reaching access we can achieve today has reached incomprehensible dimensions, as offered services world-wide are not restricted to only wares and goods, but include services such as medical treatment as well. The implications of globalization on the medical field at large are immense and rapidly developing still. The simpler and swift way experts in various professions share information is just one of the numerous major milestones made in shaping the way things are done today across all trades and professions.
For instance, the reproductive and fertility sub-fields of medicine have progressed to the point whereby free mobility between lands enables couples around the world to secure the rarest personalized treatment they need, some of which are offered in only several countries around the world. This includes egg donations, surrogacy, or special advanced surgery.
An inevitable, and rather welcome effect of the open borders between nations is that moving and relocating to a different country has become much more practical and feasible. For persons and couples going through IVF treatment, this means that their carefully stored frozen sperm or eggs must be made mobile to accompany no less than their hopeful proginators.
This is where babysteps Biomed Couriers come in. Medical personnel, such as fertility physicians, embryologists and supporting lab technicians that come in direct contact with fertility patients’ needs are faced with the growing need for IVF and ART transportation solutions. Thus babysteps was founded by people in this ever expanding field. babysteps has risen to the task and goes above and beyond industry standards to meet the needs of couples relocating across countries and and for those whose home country does not provide the services they seek.

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