liquid nitrogen dewar

The Dangers of Liquid Nitrogen

While liquid nitrogen has been in use in different fields for quite a while, many people forget that it can be dangerous, sometimes even life threatening, to handle. Since it can be found in cosmetic clinics, bars and restaurants, sometimes the misunderstanding of its natural components, can have truly devastating results. The liquefied gas is extremely cold and can cause frostbite and cryogenic burns. Because of its odorless, colorless and tasteless nature, it presents a real risk of asphyxiation.

The dangers of ingesting liquid Nitrogen are more prevalent now due to the rising popularity of molecular gastronomy. Even swallowing a small amount can have the horrible effect of causing extreme damage to the stomach. It can even cause a stomach to burst. Putting your finger in liquid nitrogen has the horrendous effect of making it rock solid and even falling off. Undoubtedly, liquid Nitrogen should not be handled by the general public.

Proper Handling

Despite the risk, liquid Nitrogen has undeniable beneficial uses that necessitate its employment. It is unmatched as a coolant for computers. In medicine, it can effectively remove pre-cancerous cells. Storing and preserving biomed materials relies on the use of liquid Nitrogen. For this intent a special Dewar of liquid Nitrogen is used for careful storing and dispensing. The liquid Nitrogen Dewar has a unique design based on meticulous construction that allows secure laboratory storage, even in very small quantities and can even prevent contamination of preserved substances.

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