Safety Security and Satisfaction

One of the most important focal points in the process of transporting biological matter such as eggs, sperm, reproductive tissue and especially embryos is the emphasis on safety and security of the process.

For clients and patients in need of these services, the ideal condition of their biological matter is understandably precious to them for sentimental reasons as much as for the monetary efforts they have already invested to bring to the fruition of their hopes and dreams to bear children.

For some, and in many instances, the frozen specimens they wish to transport cannot be replenished and reproduced and therefore are the final chance for them to become biological parents.

It is exactly for these reasons of safety, security and sensitivity that babysteps Biomed Couriers does not provide unaccompanied freight shipping whether in-house or outsourced. Rather, babysteps offers hand-carry service by well experienced personal couriers only

Following coordination and cooperation with the clinics and the client and preparation of all the necessary paperwork, a designated courier arrives in person to retrieve the specimens from the dispatching clinic. The biological matter remains with the dedicated courier under strict observation throughout the entire transport until it is handed over to the receiving clinic’s personnel. babysteps staff and personnel arrange with commercial carriers for the safe passage of the specimens within the passenger cabin on aircraft. babysteps works hand in hand with customs, security and all authorities to secure the prevention of irradiation and x-ray-ing of the specimens.

We are definitely not the only company handling transportation of frozen biological matter. However, if you are in the need for personal dedicated hand-carry under constant supervision by personal courier service, we welcome you to contact our friendly staff to discuss your frozen bio-matter transportation needs.

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