shipping blastocyst internationally

Blastocyst transfer – only with the best

Fertility treatments are never easy, but it can be a bit easier, with the right caring service at your side, to help you manage logistically. If you are looking for shipping blastocyst internationally, you need a service that specializes in cold chain logistics for biomed shipping of all sorts, and of blastocyst shipping in particular. After all the effort you have invested, you do not want to leave your most precious package in unprofessional hands. For your most precious material – you need only the best. A good shipping blastocyst internationally service focuses entirely on you and your specific needs.       

International service – personal care

When it comes to moving biological materials from one place to another, it has to be delivered professionally and smoothly, no matter how remote the destination, no matter how complex the logistics is. Biological specimens are environmentally sensitive, and therefor need to be storaged under special conditions, which simulate lab conditions.     

Now you can enjoy a bio shipping service that specializes in personal care: you will have a personal courier managing your cold chain from A to Z, and most importantly, you will have a personal human contact, which you can turn to in every step of the way. Your personal courier will take care of your precious package and will be close to it at any time – until it reaches its final destination safely.         

Interested in hearing more details about our bio shipping services? Not sure how to handle the procedure? You are more than welcome to contact us at this link , call us at this number 1-718-215-9781 or email us at: [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly and answer all of your questions.

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