shipping frozen embryos internationally

Protecting your embryo like a mother’s hug

In today’s world, almost everything can be monitored. When you send a letter, you can track its path on the website, when you order a product on line, you can be informed when the commodity will arrive to its destination. Long distance monitoring is becoming more and more attainable, and better ways for shipping various materials are developing rapidly.

In this modern reality, if your letter is important enough to be monitored, even more so is your embryo. Nothing is more important to look after, than your frozen embryo. shipping frozen embryos is a complex delicate mission, let alone shipping frozen embryos internationally. For that mission, you need a reliable professional service that takes perfect care of your frozen embryo from start to end. A service of non-stop monitoring, and maximum reliability.

Your personal contact in the cold chain

Looking for a reliable service for shipping frozen embryos overseas? We offer you the best service in the market – We offer you personal logistics. Our unique service includes a personal courier, a person that takes care of your package in all aspects, through all the stages of shipment, with vast experience in international deliveries. Your precious package stays close to the courier all the time, making the monitoring process much more efficient and reliable. One package – one person. When it comes to biological shipping, you do not want to take any unnecessary risks. In this delicate field – every mistake can be irreversible. Don’t compromise for less than the best.

Want to hear more details about our shipping services? Wondering how much shipping frozen embryos internationally cost? Do not hesitate to contact us in this link , call us in this number 1-718-215-9781 or email us at: [email protected]​ and we will be happy to attend any question!

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