shipping semen

Technology Enabled Feminism

Anyone with the most basic knowledge of history knows that women have always been considered the weaker sex. Forced to stay home to raise the children, as men battled and conquered, women had little say about their own lives. Yet, unintentionally, advancements in science are a source of empowerment for women, allowing them many more options than ever before. The greatest breakthrough, perhaps, is the ability to have children without having a man involved. It might be a controversial idea, but sperm banks might one day make men obsolete.

Freedom to Choose

These days a woman can choose the father of her children through a catalogue. She can pick out the potential attributes of her children from any country in the world that provides these services and thanks to companies that provide professional biomed specimen transport, even shipping semen is an actual possibility. Our grandparents could never imagine a future where the much-pitied “old maid” would be able to impregnate herself, in the comfort of her own home. Isn’t it ironic that innovative scientific methods allowing preserving and storing biological specimen, have in fact enabled modern Immaculate Conception?

Even more incredible is the wide variety of options available to women, such as saving embryos or even preserving ovarian tissue for future use, freeing her from the constraints of her “biological clock”. Knowing precious biological specimen can be transferred expertly and safely to any destination, is not only a means of modern convenience, but also a mind blowing emancipating concept.

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