transport of biological materials

Shipping of biological matter

In today’s world, almost anything can be shipped with careful monitoring. That also includes your most precious package of all: frozen embryos, ovarian or testicular tissues, ivf, sperm and eggs, biopsies of various kinds, etc. with the growing modern technology, the transport of biological materials has become much more accessible and successful.


Now you can rest assure that your biologic material is packed, stored, shipped and maintained in the most rigorous conditions, and will get to its destination safely. An optimal shipping service that handles such delicate matter as specimens and biomaterial, must maintain a high logistical level, which delivers end-to-end solutions, and maintain constant monitoring every step of the way – no matter how long or complicated the path is.       

Your bio package is in good hands

We offer you the best bio transport service in the market: not just a professional efficient manage of your cold chain, but also a warm, personal, human care for your precious package. One person, your personal courier, will carry the package with him constantly – from your doorstep to the last destination. That way you will have personal address to turn to for any question along the road. That is called high quality human logistics.

Cutting edge of technology – for you

Our technology allows us to give you the best service in the field of bio transport. Biological material such as frozen embryos, specimens and tissues, are very delicate and vulnerable, and must be kept in adequate conditions. The liquid nitrogen method allows us to maintain your bio material in optimal temperature at all time.        

Interested in knowing more about the procedure of our biomed shipping services? Do not hesitate to contact us in this link , call us in this number 1-718-215-9781 or email us at: [email protected] and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!   

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