What we are all about

Babysteps Biomed Couriers is a hand courier shipping company for embryos, oocytes, sperm and other biological specimens. Our top mission is to ship biological specimen worldwide in the safest way possible from all aspects- flights, couriers etc. even if it means that it costs more on our part.

As soon as a client signs up to Babystep’s services, we contact the releasing & receiving clinics to make sure they are ready to release and receive the shipment. As soon as we receive approval from the clinics, we schedule the dates that are suitable for all parties – client, releasing clinic & receiving clinic. After we schedule a date that is acceptable on all parties, we begin scheduling the flights and routs that are best for each shipment.
Our couriers go through a preparation session followed by a handful of specific paperwork for different steps during the whole process. Our couriers hand carry the specimens in a special nitrogen tank and do not put them through any radiating machines. The couriers go onto the plane with the tank on them and they do not load the tank in the airplane as luggage. We are able to monitor the shipment during the whole process in order to make sure the process is going just the way we planned and there are no problems along the way. At the end of the process, our clients receive a signed document that the specimens were received by the receiving clinic.

Babysteps goes above and beyond to make sure all parties are collaborating in order to get the best possible service with as little hassle as can be.

For more information, contact us at

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